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Lupine Body
Lupine Elements
Lupine Master List

- Tails, paws, and eyes glow when magic is activated. 

- Magic is unique to each Lupine, although they still fall under one of six elements.

- How a Lupine chooses to use that magic is up to them. 

- Lupine's magic develop when they're about eight years old. It will first appear with a colorless white-ish effect until their element is chosen.

- Cubs choose which elemental path to take and seek out mentors to help them. 

- They may also choose to create their own technique in using said magic or unique use for it. 

- Lupines are born with 'cub' names, which are simple names like Sniff, Yip, Paw, Chomp etc. Usually these are based on what they did when they were first born.

- Cubs will be able to choose their name when they've completed a test of their magic and are ushered into adulthood.

- Average Lupine lifespan is roughly 70-80 years. They age similar to humans. Usually only one cub is born at a time. They're usually fully grown by 4-5 years. 

- A Lupine will reach sexual maturity when they're about 10 years old, though most won't consider making until they're in their late teens. 

- Pelt colors and patterns vary. Most colors are shades of blue, black, white, red, brown and sometimes yellows.

- Lupine are mostly carnivores, but can and will eat roots, berries, fruits and rarely vegetables. 

- Pack structure is similar to that to a wolf with a main Alpha and Betas selected by the Alpha. 

- Some packs (And some individuals) have been known to show distrust or disdain toward certain elements (Most commonly, Shadow Magic). This may be due to past experiences with others of that Element or their own bias. 

- The denning grounds of Lupine is almost set up like that of a village, ever pack member is allowed their own den. They may also share dens with family and friends if denning space is limited.

- There are dedicated dens as well. One is always dedicated to food storage while others may be set aside as a 'hospital' sort of place for sick and injured pack members. These are pretty much were the healers work.

-  Reproduction is not restricted to the Alphas, although it is required by some packs to inform higher ranking Lupine of up coming cubs. 

- The Alpha may be challenged at any time for their leadership by any pack member. This will lead to a duel that will go until one is unable to continue. Deaths sometimes happen, but are rare as fights are stopped before it becomes fatal.

- These challenges happen rarely as most Lupine don't seem to wish to seek the position. They usually happen when one is unhappy with anothers leadership.

- Betas are chosen by the Alpha based on trustworthy and loyal. To have their position is similar to the upper class in human society. Deltas are middle class. Omegas are lower class. - Their rank is determined based on how much they've contributed to the clan and sometimes reputation. Newly joined Lupine to clans will start out as Omegas and can work their way up. 

- Lupine can have two 'mutations' as you might want to call it. That being thick furry back manes and leg feathering. Neither are uncommon so go nuts if you make one. Usually the manes are different colors then their base fur. 

- Lupines usually size up to about 4 to 6 feet long and around 4 feet tall at the shoulders. They can be as small as 3. These are considered 'runts' and have low survival rates since they are born prematurely. Their anatomy is more canine-like, though they are surprisingly flexible. 
- Average weight can range from 240 to 400 pounds. Some larger Lupine can weigh up to almost 600. (FATTIES)

- Lupine are intelligent beings in the sense that they have their own language (Which is really a mix between body language and noises such as growls/yips/barks etc. Similar to dogs). They can learn other languages of almost any creature including humans. 

- They have their own semi-writing system is more like hieroglyphics or cave paintings. These paintings are done with their tails, usually with mashed up berries or plants to make dyes.

On the "Primal"

The primal is known as a genetic flaw that exists in the gene code of all Lupine and is kept suppressed by their magic side. The magic side to a Lupine is what gives them their morality and sentience which sets them apart from other beasts. While they still retain some wild instincts from their past as pure wolves, the "primal" is something much different. It's suggested that it may have been a disease that afflicted the Lupine doing a critical stage of their evolution from wild wolves and has since embedded itself within their gene. The "primal" sets it's self apart by triggering a ruthless and savage side to the Lupine sending them into a blinding fury which consumes their mind. The magic in which Lupine posses usually keeps this flaw in check, but any complete removal of this magic will result in the "primal" taking hold. There are three known stages of the "primal".

Stage 1 - The most common as it normal for some feel it's urge from time to time, but these are usually minor cases and can be easily fixed, usually through meditation or other means in which one may find relaxing.
Stage 2 - The partial removal of magic through various means. Lupine who are afflicted with stage 2 have not lost their mind completely and can be brought back to their senses.
Stage 3 - The most serious and often fatal form. Those who are afflicted with stage 3 have had their magic completely removed or dispelled. Their body and mind will be consumed and they will no longer be in control of their actions. They will only be driven to kill and suffer immense pain. This can lead them to even kill themselves to relive it. Their systems can often be described to be much like rabies, although there is no disease the can pass from it. The only solution to a stage 3 is a swift death, allowing the spirit to be released so they may pass on peacefully. 

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